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What are Holy Cross Lutheran Preschool's (HCLP) age requirements?

HCLP accepts children 2, 3 and 4 years of age on or before September 1 of the year in which the child is seeking enrollment. 

What are age requirements for the Toddler Playgroup?

The Toddler Playgroup accepts children 12-23 months.

Is HCLP open to all faiths and backgrounds?

Yes! Our school was founded over 40 years ago as an educational ministry of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, however all children are welcome!  Please note we are a Christian school with daily "Jesus time" as well as twice a month at chapel visits.

Do children need to be potty-trained before being enrolled at HCLP?

Potty-training is NOT a requirement for enrollment in HCLP.


What is the staff/children ratio?

Teacher to student ratios vary depending on age level:

1:4 for  two-year-olds, 1:8 for three-year-olds, and 1:10 for four-year-olds,1:5 plus caregiver for Toddler Playgroup.


Is there an enrollment fee?

Yes, there is a $125, non-refundable enrollment fee.

Is there an Early Drop Off Program available?

Yes, we have an Early Drop Off Program (8:00 AM) available, billed monthly at $15 per day.

Is there an After Care Program available?

After School Care is not available at this time; however, it is something we are looking to add in the near future.  If you would be interested in After School Care, please email us.

Is there Late Pick-Up available?

Late Pick-Up is available for 3s and 4s ONLY at this time. Late Pick-Up is 12:30, billed monthly at $15 per day.

Can I claim HCLP tuition on my income taxes?

Possibly.  Please check with your tax accountant.  If needed, we can provide our Tax ID number.

Are scholarships available for HCLP?

Unfortunately, HCLP cannot provide scholarships at this time. 


Does HCLP accept Childcare Vouchers?

Unfortunately, HCLP is unable to accept Childcare Vouchers.


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